What Self Tanning Lotion Should You Consider Consider

You will need to be sure that you keep a few things
in mind for your self tanning lotion. Self tanning lotion is something that can
end up being a great way for you to protect your skin while getting that
healthy glow that you would like to get from the sun or a tanning bed. People
that want to keep their skin healthy and protected from the sun will end up
choosing a self tanning lotion that will keep their skin healthy and safe while
still moisturizing it all while giving it a healthy and sun kissed glow.

Self Tanning Lotion Tone

Your self tanning lotion will need to be a good tone
to go with the rest of your skin. Make sure that you don’t get self tanning
lotion that is too dark as this can end up giving you an odd orange glow that
does not look natural. Try not to go very much darker than you already are
whenever you are choosing the color of the self tanning lotion that you are
getting. It is always a good idea for you to apply the lotion to a test area
that will not be easily seen and see how it looks on your skin. Make sure that
it blends in well and that you like the look of it before applying it to the
rest of your body. You should apply the self tanning lotion carefully so that
it doesn’t end up looking streaky or uneven. It is usually best to try to find
one that sprays for this reason.

Self Tanning Lotion Moisturizer

It is always a good idea for you to make sure that
the lotion that you go with is a moisturizer of some sort. Whenever you are
using a self tanning lotion you will want for it to be able to moisturize your
skin in some way. Be sure that the moisturizer is one that is not going to make
your skin greasy or shiny. You want a shimmer without looking oily. The best
way to do this is to go with a moisturizer that is going to benefit your skin.