How to Find a Good Lip Stain

If you are looking for a good lip stain, then there are a few things that you can look for. Many people will opt for a lip stain over a lipstick because lip stain is supposed to more stain your lips. This means that it won’t come off so easily and it won’t smudge. You will be able to rely on your lip stain to stay on throughout the day without wearing off or getting on everything that your lips touch. There are plenty of lip stains out there so make sure that you know what to look for so you can get the best of the best with them.

Lip Stain Color

Go with a color that is flattering as it will hopefully last you for the whole day. Before, with a lipstick if you went with a color that you didn’t like it would be easy to remove. However, if you go with a lip stain that you don’t like it will be a little bit more difficult to remove right away. Make sure that you stick with lighter and more neutral colors during the day and bolder and more fun colors at night. This can help to break up the routine and keep you having fun and having appropriate makeup no matter what the occasion. Always make sure that the lip stain that you choose is one that will look good with your skin tone as well as the rest of your makeup.

Dry Lip Stain

Be careful that the lip stain that you go with isn’t one that is overly dry. It can be easy for a lip stain to be too dry to be comfortable. The lip stain has to be dry to a certain extent so that it can stay
on your lips but if it is too dry it can end up making your lips appear to be dry and this is not a look that most people go for. Be sure that the lip stain that you go with is still somewhat wet and can moisturize whenever you put it on your lips.