Finding the Perfect Shower Gel

Finding the Perfect Shower Gel

Using shower gel is a convenient way to clean yourself in the shower. Instead of fumbling with a bar of soap, the gel is contained and simple to dispense. There are many different kinds of shower gel  available, and can be found in sensitive formulas, men’s scents, and even gels for children. With so many formulations and so many to choose from on the store shelves, it can be hard to find the perfect shower gel for you and your family.

Moisturizing Shower Gels

For those with dry or sensitive skin a shower gel with a moisturizer is going to be a good option. These are typically made with a mild soap formula to avoid over drying the skin. Moisturizing formulas can be found in most major brands, and are available in a variety of scents. Natural shower gels are also popular and can be very moisturizing. Natural ingredients commonly found in these types of gels are oatmeal, aloe, and glycerin. Natural shower gels won’t have a shelf life as long as some others since they typically use natural essential oils. Be sure to check the packaging to see how to best store the product and when it should be used by.

Foaming Shower Gels

Foaming shower gels can double as bubble bath. These are very popular for people who don’t want to clutter their bathrooms with a lot of products. These can be applied on a wash cloth or bath poof and used a soap, or they can be poured under running water to create bubbles for a bath. These are also available in many formulations and scents. Foaming shower gels are usually more highly scented since they can be used in the bath tub as well. A lot of these can leave a film on your skin if you use them in the tub, so be sure to rinse off well to avoid drying out your skin.