Different Types of Bubble Bath Products

Bubble baths can be the perfect way to relax at the end of a  long day. Many people enjoy soaking in the tub as a way to not only cleanse, but to reflect and escape. There are many types of bubble bath products available. Even those with sensitive skin can find a product that won’t cause irritation and still allow them to relax and enjoy a long soak. Here’s a quick look at some of the many types of bubble bath products commonly available.

Foaming Bath Products

Foaming bath products are generally powders that can be added to running water to create a soft bubble effect. The bubble effect isn’t as great with these as with a liquid bubble bath. Many people prefer these because they don’t make a mess in the bath tub. They also usually have skin softening ingredients. The foaming products can be considered a bubble bath with a light bath oil infused in them. You can find these in numerous fragrances, and some plain products are available for those who don’t want an overload of scent in the tub. Some foaming bath products are designed to be used in tubs with jets.
Since a traditional bubble bath would create a disaster when used in a Jacuzzi, the lighter bubbles created with the foam is a better option. Just be sure you are using products designed for use in jetted tubs to avoid overflowing the room with bubbles.

Traditional Bubble Bath

A traditional bubble bath will be a liquid product that is poured under the running water while the bath is drawn. You can find these that will create a little bit of bubble or large amounts of luxurious bubbles. For those who want a more relaxing experience, the bubble overload can be very calming and soothing. Bubble bath made for children will generally create copious amounts of bubbles and are gentle enough to not irritate the skin. Adults can use the children’s products if they have sensitivities and still enjoy a relaxing bath time experience.