Choosing the Best Body Oils

Body Oil

Body oils can be used to add moisture to the skin. They can also be used to soften rough skin. Many body oils have a fragrance, and others may have a shimmer element that will highlight the skins natural tones. There are many types of body oils on the market, and knowing which one to choose can be overwhelming. This short guide will help you determine which type of body oil is best for your specific needs.

Skin Softening and Healing Oils

If you have problems with dry or itchy skin, a body oil can help heal the issue. Many dry spots are caused by a lack of moisture, which a good quality body oil can replenish. Other skin conditions may prevent old skin from shedding properly. This will cause dry, flaky spots as well. The right type of body oil can help soften these areas and allow the dead skin to fall naturally, allowing the new skin underneath to become healthier. Skin softening body oils can be found with fragrance, but for those with sensitive skin or extremely dry skin that may not be recommended. A natural, nonfragranced oil, such as an almond oil can be very beneficial. Body oils designed for use on babies and children are also mild enough for adults with skin conditions to use.

Bath Body Oils

Many people don’t like the feel of an oil lingering on their skin. For these people an oil that can be used in the bath tub may be the perfect option. The oil will still be allowed to penetrate the skin, leaving a
softer and smoother condition, without a greasy build up. Bath oils can also be used in small quantities outside the bath for areas that may be very rough, like the heels of your feet. Most bath oils are fragranced and will create a relaxing ambiance. You can find body oils designed for use in the bath or shower at any major retailer or specialty body shop.