Choosing the Best Body Lotion

Body lotion can be used to help keep the moisture levels in your skin where they should be. When used regularly they can lead to better skin health. Many lotions will have a light fragrance in them. This is popular for those who don’t want to wear heavy perfumes but still want something with a pleasant scent. There are several types of lotions available. Here are just a few of the best selling varieties.

Scented Body Lotions

Scented body lotions can be found at most major retailers and specialty shops. You can find them from lightly fragranced to heavy perfumed lotions. With these you will able to enjoy your favorite scent without it becoming overwhelming. Many women enjoy using a fragranced lotion along with a perfume or cologne to create a custom layer scent. Scented lotions can also be found with natural ingredients, such as Shea butter to add extra moisture. The oils used in scented lotions can dry out some peoples skin, so adding an extra moisturizer is a good idea. Other types of scented lotions may have body
shimmer or bronzer in them to even out the skins tone. This is good for those who want a sun kissed look without tanning.

In Shower Lotions

One of the more recent additions to the body lotion market is the in shower lotion. Unlike traditional body lotions which are applied after a shower and throughout the day, the in shower lotions are used like a soap or body wash would be. The moisturizing ingredients are designed to withstand the water from the shower, cleanse the skin, and leave a layer of moisture behind. Several name brands make these types of lotions. Body wash products can also be found with a lotion in them. This will foam like a soap, but will have a thicker lather. The lotion is left behind after you’ve rinsed off. It can save time during your daily bathing routine while not eliminating the needed moisture that comes from the lotion products.