The Benefits of Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Bath salts have been used for centuries. Some salts can be used to purify skin, help cleanse, soothe certain pains, and some can be used for relaxation. There are plenty of ways that using bath salts can increase your comfort and help maintain healthy skin. There are also plenty of salt products to choose from. If you’re overwhelmed with the choices, here’s a quick starting point.

Salts for Skin Health

Bath salts can be used to exfoliate skin. For areas of the body that tend to get very rough, such as the heels of your feet, a bath salt can be used to help slough away the dead skin and allow new skin growth to form. Epsom salts or unscented sea salts can be used for exfoliation purposes. If you have issues with dry skin, a salt with natural oil infused in them will help purify your skin while maintaining the moisture levels needed. Many facial masks will also utilize salts to clear away dirt and open pores. Even though most people think of salt as being a drying substance, it can help increase the moisture level in your skin when they are used correctly. For example, using a salt scrub on dry skin patches will help to eliminate the dry, dead skin and reveal healthy, fresh skin that is ready to be moisturized. If you are using bath salts for skin health, it’s a good idea to take soaks a few times a week. Exfoliation can be done daily for areas like the feet, and a few times a week on your face or other sensitive areas.

Relaxation with Bath Salts

One of the most common reasons to use a bath salt product is to relax. Salts can create a soothing environment and help you enjoy a little rest while taking a bath. To make the most of this find a bath salt that has a fragrance oil with the salt. The oils will only last for a few months, so be sure to store them properly to maximize the scents.